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What makes Kieran Batchelor Massage different?

By working closely and collaboratively with everyone who comes to see me, I am able to thoroughly assess each individual and develop a treatment unique to them. I’m passionate about positivity and revitalisation, whether that be increasing your fitness and nutrition or improving your stress levels and posture and will work with you so you can feel your best.

I go beyond simply solving the pain by delivering a long-term solution that gets to the root of both physical and emotional discomfort. I’m dedicated to your health journey and I’m determined to remove physical and emotional tension for a positive wellbeing.

What is Raynor Massage?

Raynor Massage is a technique that consists of a combination of massage methods, including Acupressure, Ayurvedic Massage, Chinese Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Aromatherapy.

By using a mix of techniques, I’m able to treat a variety of aliments from headaches to anxiety to stress and muscle tension, giving you a treatment that goes beyond any other for a truly relaxing experience.

Does Raynor Deep Tissue Massage hurt?

Before the session begins, I’ll discuss with you your pressure preference and pain tolerance and throughout the session we’ll work together using constant communication to make sure you’re comfortable at all times. 

You may experience discomfort or pain throughout the massage – this is normal. When working on sore muscles and residual tension throughout your deep tissue massage, I’ll use different levels of pressure across different points of the body. The initial surface tension can cause the most discomfort, but you’ll be happy to know that once this has been eased, the deeper muscle pain can be massaged with less discomfort and pain.

My deep tissue massage therapy definitely isn’t your fluffy spa massage – my massage therapy brings real, long term results to help you effectively manage pain and discomfort.